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Webinar: Reference Designation Structure for wind energy digital twins

Hywind Demo/Zephyros digital twin with IES/ISO 81346 part 10 (RDS for Wind) inside


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The simulation of wind turbines and the optimisation of wind farms necessitate the integration of extensive data streams. To effectively structure and amalgamate diverse data types from various sources, each with distinct formats, syntax, and semantics, a unified asset information model is indispensable.

This model must be accessible and interpretable, offering a comprehensive depiction of the “physical twin” (the asset) at a level of detail that suits the intended purpose of managing and correlating all data streams. Drawing from the ISO 81346 standard for organising systems, and its application in power systems, ongoing efforts in standardising wind turbines and foundations was extended to define a Reference Designation Structure (RDS) for various wind turbine generators and foundations. The RDS adopted a systems perspective of an overarching Wind Turbine Power System (PS), decomposed into a series of Technical Systems (TS) encompassing the structure (tower, nacelle, transition piece, and foundation), power production (blades, rotor, generator, converter, etc.), and various control, monitoring, and safety systems. The presentation will showcase how the standard has been used as a companion model for Zephyros online data streams.

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