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Webinar: Preliminary Testing and Simulations of Pot Integrated Abart (PIA) at Alcoa Mosjøen

As most electrolysis pots in an aluminium potline will have different rates of fluoride losses, while the secondary alumina from the GTC will contain an average fluorine content an imbalance will occur over time leading to instability and require corrections by additions of fluoride or removal of excess bath. The development of the Pot Integrated Abart (PIA) technology from REEL will address this issue by having dedicated dry scrubbers for each pot. A research PIA unit has currently been built and testing was started at Alcoa Mosjøen in Q4 2022.


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Presenter: Senior Process Engineer Håvard Olsen, REEL Norway

The results and findings from the early stages of operations will be discussed, as well as direct impacts on measurable cell parameters. Further, the results will be used as input for predictions on how cell stability and operations in the potroom is affected by the introduction of the PIA.

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