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Webinar: Advanced Manufacturing of Zn Electrodes for Rechargeable Zn-Air Batteries

Zinc-air batteries is a promising battery technology that utilize the oxygen in the air to oxidize zinc and produce electricity.


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The zinc electrode structure and composition are crucial for improving the cyclability and lifetime of zinc-air batteries. The M-ERA.NET project AMAZE are arranging a webinar to present recent progress in manufacturing of zinc electrodes for Zn-air batteries.

In the webinar, experts representing industry actors, research institutes, and academia will discuss different approaches and strategies for manufacturing and characterization of Zn electrodes used in zinc-air batteries.


11:00 Welcome and introduction to the AMAZE project, Mari Juel, SINTEF

11:10 Calcium zincate and multi-layer architecture of zinc pasted electrodes, Vincent Caldeira, EasylZinc

11:30 AMAZE approach on carbon & binder free bifunctional air electrode for zinc-air batteries, Özgenç Ebil, Izmir Institute of Technology

11:50 Zn-air battery anodes investigated with complementary spectroscopy and imaging approaches,  Benedetto Bozzini, Politecnico di Milano 

12:10 Manufacturing of porous Zn electrodes by electrochemical methods, Marc Belenguer Rizo, LEITAT

12:30  3D printed Zn electrodes for Zn-air batteries, Sara Andrenacci, SINTEF

12:50 Q&A

13:00 End of webinar

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