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Oxygen depletion measurements at different conditions in MEA and CESAR1

Solvent degradation is pivotal for optimizing carbon capture plants, but current monitoring methods are time-consuming and require specific techniques for each solvent.


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This presentation focuses on oxygen depletion measurements as a simple and adaptable solution to understand solvent degradation. Highlighting results from testing MEA and CESAR1 solvents under various conditions, including metal contamination, temperature fluctuations, viscosity modifiers, and chelators, the research defines when oxygen depletion effectively tracks solvent degradation.

Yamid Gomez Rueda, scientific researcher at TNO and in Task 2 of NCCS, presents findings on the relationship between oxygen depletion and solvent degradation, explains the conditions under which the method proves reliable, and shows when experimental factors alter its efficacy.

Presenter: Yamid Gomez Rueda, Scientific Researcher, TNO

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