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HighEFF short course on Industrial Energy Recovery

This one-day course (with lectures and voluntary assignments) will be arranged at Scandic Bakklandet from 08:30 to 16:00.


Scandic Bakklandet
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Energy Efficiency is by many regarded to be the number one option to mitigate climate change. This course will provide you with a valuable toolbox to address this important topic and actually be able to do something about it. On a more detailed level, the course will discuss heat exchanger networks, integration of distillation columns, heat pumps and refrigeration cycles, all based on the so-called Pinch Concept, which by many industrial leaders has been regarded as the most important single result coming out of university research the last 50 years. Other topics in the course are combined heat and power, work and heat integration, and a small part is left to suggest Exergy as a KPI for energy efficiency.

The topic is relevant for both industrial and research partners in HighEFF, and the course is also open for researchers and PhD students outside of HighEFF. The course will be given in English. Please help us to spread the word within your own organization - it's a great opportunity to build knowledge on an interesting and important topic. The course, including lunch and coffee breaks is free!

For more details about the course, please contact Truls Gundersen.


Short Course on Industrial Energy Recovery

08:30     Arrival and Coffee

Lecture 1: Heat Integration
Analysis/Targeting of Industrial Heat Recovery Systems

10:20     Coffee Break

Lecture 2a: Heat Integration
Design of Heat Exchanger Networks

11:30     Lunch (Scandic Bakklandet)

Lecture 2b: Heat Integration
Integration of Heat Pumps, Heat Engines and Distillation Columns

Lecture 3: Heat Integration
Retrofit Design of existing Heat Recovery Systems

14:00     Coffee Break

Lecture 4: Heat Integration
Use of Optimization for Heat Exchanger Networks

Lecture 5: Heat and Work Integration

  • Extension from Heat Exchanger Network
  • Brief Introduction to Exergy
  • Illustrative Examples

16:00     End of Course


Truls Gundersen, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Lecture Slides and Assignments with Solutions (voluntarily) will be provided electronically


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Nedre Baklandet 60, 7014 Trondheim