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Workshop: Early Warning Prevention in Transmission System

The Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) want to develop a common information system for stability monitoring and control applications in the Nordic power transmission grid to be able to operate the grid in secure state for the near future with more renewable energy production as wind and solar. These monitoring methods could generate early warnings and eventually contribute in actuating preventive measures.


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The NEWEPS (Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System) project is developing monitoring methods and implement a prototype system for their validation. The prototype system will finally be the basis to specify the methods for the Nordic TSOs for getting better system awareness and new wide area warning and control systems.

In this workshop, the research activities and some interim results from the Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System (NEWEPS) will be presented. The project is a cooperation between Norway and Sweden partners including the two the TSOs (Statnett and Svenska kraftnät), two universities (NTNU and KTH) and two research institutes (SINTEF Energy Research and RISE).

Agenda (9:00 - 11:00 CET):

  • Introduction to the NEWEPS project
  • System architecture (WPA)
  • Monitoring of voltage stability (WPB)
  • Monitoring and identification of oscillations (WPC)
  • Coffee break
  • Functions coordination and visualization (WPD)
  • Demo NEWEPS platform
  • Final remarks

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