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Webinar: Experimental analysis of the HighEFFLab NH3-H2O combined absorption-compression heat pump (CACHP) test rig

Welcome to this webinar where HighEFF PhD student Khalid Hamid, will give a talk about experimental analysis.


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Presenter: Khalid Hamid, NTNU

The CACHP test rig gives the possibility to investigate different settings of the operating conditions, such as the ammonia-water composition, the circulation rate/ratio and the temperature levels. The emphasis is on the use and testing of recent developments and improvements of the CACHP cycle as well as the specific main components.

We hereby invite you to the HighEFF Webinar series, which will be held every second Wednesday 11:30 (Central European Time) through Teams. The webinars will start with 20-30 minutes presentation of topics related to HighEFF's thematic areas, and continue with questions and discussions until 12:30 latest.

The webinars will be open to all consortium members.

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