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Webinar: Congestion and congestion management in the power grid

FME NorthWind, the University of Oslo (Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law) and Ocean Grid invite you to this webinar about congestion and congestion management in the power grid.


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The webinar will be held by Stephany Nicole Paredes Pineda, power market analyst at Hafslund Eco, Norway.

Overview: The European power market is made up of interconnected areas. In most circumstances, demand centres are not located in the same geographical area as the generation facilities. To deliver power from these production centres to where it is needed, transmission lines are built. Occasionally, problems within the grid might limit the amount of energy that can be transferred from one point to another. When this happens, we say that the power grid is “congested”.

To solve these issues in the European context, transmission system operators (TSOs) employ different solutions, both physical and market based. In this presentation, we try to explain what congestion is at a physical and market level, as well as the different mechanisms available to the TSOs to handle this issue.

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