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MRST Symposium 2023

We are very happy to share that SINTEF Digital will host their second MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) Symposium on the 26th and 27th September 2023.


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The symposium is aimed at the whole community of MRST users and developers, with the purpose of showcasing novel developments, sharing experiences, and inspiring each other in new scientific directions.

Originally developed as a free, open-source software for rapid testing and development of oil and gas reservoir modelling and simulation concepts, MRST is now being applied to a range of porous media flow applications, including CO2 sequestration, hydrogen storage, geothermal energy, and advanced battery technology.

The symposium will be held online and consist of several talks and poster presentations with contributions from the core development team at SINTEF as well as the wider MRST community. The event is free to attend!

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Day 1 - 26th Sept

Start time CEST Title Presenter
15:00-15:20 Opening Knut-Andreas Lie, SINTEF Digital
15:20-15:40 Introduction to poroelasticity in MRST Odd Andersen, SINTEF Digital
15:40-16:00 Near-wellbore modeling for vertical wells and its application in water control operations Junjian Li, China Univ. of Petroleum, Beijing
16:00-16:20 Characterization of Capillary Driven Flow in Layered Petroleum Reservoirs Jyoti Phirani, Univ. of Strathclyde
16:20-16:40 Impact of Pressure-Dependent Permeability and Fracture Conductivity on Well Productivity in a Tight Reservoir Oscar Molina, MathWorks
16:40-17:00 Break  
17:00-17:20 Meet the developers SINTEF AppCS


Day 2 - 27th Sept

Start time CEST Title Presenter
15:00-15:20 Model calibration in MRST using adjoints Stein Krogstad, SINTEF Digital
15:20-15:40 PENTREACT: A non-isothermal reactive transport module in MRST to model coupled flow, heat transfer, and reactive transport processes in subsurface reservoirs Sajjad Moslehi, Petroleum Univ. of Technology, Ahvaz, Iran
15:40-16:00 Modeling phase behavior and black-oil simulations for underground hydrogen storage Elyes Ahmed, SINTEF Digital
16:00-16:10 Break  
16:10-16:30 Poster introduction Poster presenters
16:30-16:50 Poster session
17:40-17:50 Break  
17:50-18:10 Fast Workflow for Fault Leakage Modelling during CO2 Storage Hariharan Ramachandran, Heriot-Watt Univ.
18:10-18:30 MRST Vertical Equilibrium Model analysis for CO2 Storage Mohammadsajjad Zeynolabedini, NTNU
18:30-18:50 Numerical Simulation of CO2 Migration in the FluidFlower using MRST Lluís Saló-Salgado, MIT
18:50-19:00 Closing  


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