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EERA DeepWind 2023

The 20th anniversary edition of the EERA DeepWind 2023 conference will be held in Trondheim, 18-20 January 2023.


Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
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EERA DeepWind 2023 is an international event aiming to present the best ongoing research and innovation related to deep sea offshore wind farms, both bottom-fixed and floating. The conference has been developing every year since 2004, and is established as an important venue on deep sea offshore wind R&D organized by SINTEFNTNU and EERA JP wind.

Conference topics are related to offshore wind:

  • New turbine and generator technology
  • Grid connection and power system integration
  • Met-ocean conditions
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Installation and substructures
  • Marine operations and logistics
  • Wind farm optimisation
  • Experimental testing and validation
  • Wind farm control systems
  • Societal impact and controversies
  • Environmental impact
  • Legal and regulatory framework

For more information, can read our summary of the EERA DeepWind 2022 offshore wind conference or consult the DeepWind website.

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