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CLIMIT SUMMIT will be kicking off with three different side events on 7 February including three on the morning of 8 February, while the CLIMIT SUMMIT will get under way at lunchtime on 8 February.


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CO2Datashare is an open digital portal for sharing data from CCS projects. The goal is to promote international sharing of unique reference data from current and emerging CCS projects. It enables users all over the world to have access to curated and well-documented datasets to fast-track the development of CCS technology. This side-event facilitated by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS) will address the value of sharing research and industry data through CO2DataShare and discuss opportunities and challenges related to data sharing.

Moderators: Nicola Marsh, NCCS coordinator and Grethe Tangen, CO2DataShare project manager.

  • 12:30
    Importance of data sharing; tbc
  • 12:40
    Enabling data-driven science and innovation by sharing reference datasets from CCS projects
    Grethe Tangen, SINTEF.
  • 12:50 Sigma2’s Infrastructure and strategy for research data sharing and archiving
    Maria Francesca Iozzi, Sigma2
  • 13:00 The CO2DataShare digital portal
    Odd Andersen, SINTEF
  • 13:10 Relevance of data sharing for research
    Nicola Marsh, NCCS/SINTEF
  • 13:20 Northern Lights core test data to be shared
    Elin Skurtveit, NGI
  • 13:30 Value of data sharing for data owner
    Kari-Lise Rørvik, Gassnova
  • 13:35 Leveraging CO2DataShare for future innovation
    Discussion moderated by Philip Ringrose, Equinor
  • 13:55 Concluding remarks.

See the CLIMIT SUMMIT website for more information and registration.

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