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Workshop: Co-creating sustainability readiness levels – How to get ready for sustainable wind energy development

With the expected rapid upscaling of wind energy globally to combat the climate crisis, coupled with the negative consequences this will have on the nature crisis, there is a dire need for sustainable wind energy development.


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To support this, we will through a co-creation dialogue process with stakeholders, develop the concept of Sustainability Readiness Levels, which extends the TRL and will give us a method for tracking the maturity of technologies with Societal and Environmental Readiness Levels. We invite all that support the sustainable development of wind energy to join us in developing this Standard.

NorthWind, in collaboration with Windcluster Norway and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster, is organising this online workshop about co-creating sustainability readiness levels.



  • 09:00 Welcome & intro
  • 09:30 Questions to the audience
  • 09:45 Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of the Technological Readiness Levels
  • 10:15 Break
  • 10:30 Breakout group work – World Café style
  • 11:30 Summary breakout groups
  • 11:45 Questions to the audience
  • 11:55 Next steps and closing remarks


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