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Webinar: Integrated CO2 heat pumping systems for hotels

The hotel sector features high thermal demands, often realized through processes that advance the global warming effect. Excessive energy use within the hotel sector in cold climates is primarily contributed to the thermal energy production of domestic hot water, space heating and cooling. In this presentation, PhD Silje Smitt will present potential, design and control strategies for “all-in-one” CO2 heat pump and chiller units with thermal storage for the hotel sector. This research work includes a large-scale investigation of the market potential of integrated CO2 systems within the Nordic hotel sector, an in-depth performance evaluation of an integrated CO2 hotel unit, and, finally, evaluations of designs and control strategies to enhance performance.


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Presenter: Silje Smitt, former PhD student, NTNU

We hereby invite you to the HighEFF Webinar series, which will be held every second Wednesday 11:30 (Central European Time, Trondheim).

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The webinars will be open to all HighEFF consortium members.

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