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Webinar: IEA Wind – and why you should get involved

NorthWind, in collaboration with Norway’s IEA Wind TCP, invites you to this webinar about Norwegian engagement in IEA Wind Tasks.


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  • 10:00 Welcome – Konstanze Kölle and Inger Marie Malvik (SINTEF)
  • 10:05 Introduction to IEA Wind and its implementation in Norway – Ann Myhrer Østenby (NVE)
    • IEA
    • IEA Wind
    • Strategic meaning for Norway
    • Funding scheme
  • 10:15 Presentations of IEA Wind Tasks
    • Design and operation of energy systems with large amounts of variable generation – Task 25 – Magnus Korpås (NTNU) and Til Kristian Vrana (SINTEF)
    • Offshore code comparison collaboration, continuation, with correlation and uncertainty (OC4-OC6) – Task 23-30 – Tor Anders Nygaard (NMBU/IFE) and Jacob Qvist (4subsea)
    • Wind LiDAR systems for wind energy deployment – Task 32 – Joachim Reuder (UiB)
    • Working together to resolve environmental effects of wind energy (WREN) – Task 34 – Roel May (NINA)
    • Flow farm control – Task 44 – Konstanze Kölle (SINTEF)
    • Erosion of wind turbine blades – Task 46 – Joachim Reuder (UiB)
    • Integrated design of floating wind arrays (IDEA) – Task 49 – Konstanze Kölle (SINTEF)
  • 11:15 Discussion
    • Why should I or my organisation participate in IEA Tasks?
    • How can I cover the related expenses?

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About IEA:

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an autonomous intergovernmental organisation with the mission to shape a secure and sustainable energy future for all.

About IEA Wind TCP:

The IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) is an international cooperation of 24 countries and sponsor members that share information and research activities to advance wind energy deployment.

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