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Synchronization controllers and protocols for largely dispersed minigrids

Minigrids are heterogeneous in nature as they can include different types of energy sources and generators technologies.


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Hence, their dynamic operational characteristics varies from one another, for example, a minigrid with power electronic converter interfaced RES will behave differently compared with a minigrid with rotating generators for the same transient disturbance or change in operating condition. The integration of two heterogeneous minigrids is a challenging task especially if each of the two minigrids is serving an appreciable number of local loads. Hence, it is critical to define protocols for connecting and disconnecting minigrids without affecting the stability and voltage quality of the grid.

In this workshop, the research activities and some results from the Indian-Norway bilateral project MultiGrid will be presented. In addition, researchers and professors working on the topic from different universities, institutes and projects will give presentations.

Agenda (Norwegian / Indian time):

  • 09:00 / 01:30 Welcome
  • 09:05 / 01:35 Status of the MultiGrid project
  • 09:15 / 01:45 Interconnection protocols for DERs and minigrids
  • 09:25 / 01:55 Grid synchronization controllers (SOTA)
    (Dr. Jonatan Klemets, SINTEF Energy Research)
  • 09:35 / 02:05 Simulation results from the reference grid
    (Dr. Chandrasekhar Perumalla, Amit Gupta, IIT BBS)'
  • 09:50 / 02:20

    Control and integration of microgrids
    (Prof. Sukumar Mishra IIT Delhi)

  • 10:05 / 02:35 FME CINELDI: Microgrids related research activities
    (Prof. Olav Fosso/ NTNU)
  • 10:25 / 02:55  Coffee Break
  • 10:40 / 03:10 Utsira: An islanded grid on an island
    (Leif Eivind Hjertaker-Nesse, Fagne AS)
  • 10:55 / 03:25 Microgrid simulation tools
    (TBA, ETAP Technologies)
  • 11:10 / 03:40 Setting up few microgrid pilots in India under a joint INDO-US project ‘UI-ASSIST’
    (Prof. S. C. Srivastava, IIT Kanpur)
  • 11:25 / 03:55 Results from laboratory testing investigations
    (Dr. Salvatore D'Arco)
  • 11:40 / 04:10 Post-synchronization secondary controllers
    (Dr. Merkebu Z. Degefa/ Dr. Jonatan Klemets, SINTEF Energy Research)
  • 11:55 / 04:25 EU-India project RE-EMPOWERED enabling smarter microgrids
    (Dr. Panos Kotsampopoulos, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
  • 12:15 / 04:45 Discussion
  • 12:30 / 05:00 End

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