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PCC – Resolving challenges and new breakthroughs?


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08:30-08:40 CET (15:30-15:40 JST): Welcome, Marit Stange, SINTEF

08:40-11:05 CET (15:40-18:05 JST): Part 1: PCC – Cell developments,
Professor Truls Norby, UiO (Chair)

08:40-09:00 CET (15:40-16:00 JST): "Tubular proton ceramic electrochemical cells", Marie-Laure Fontaine, SINTEF, Norway

09:00-09:20 CET (16:00-16:20 JST): "MS-PCEC developments in the DAICHI project", Dr. Remi Costa DLR, Germany

09:20-09:50 CET (16:20-16:50 JST): "Fabrication of Thin Ceramic Electrolytes at Room Temperature via Powder Aerosol Deposition Method", Dipl.Ing. Tobias Nazarenus, University of Bayreuth, Germany

09:50-10:05 CET (16:50-17:05 JST): Break

10:05-10:35 CET (17:05-17:35 JST): Presentation on hydrogen permeable membrane supported cells, Prof. Yoshitaka Aoki, Hokkaido University, Japan 

10:35-10:55 CET (17:35-17:55 JST): "Mechanical issues to develop and assess the PCCs", Prof. Fumitada Iguchi, Nihon University, Japan

10:55-11:05 CET (17:55-18:05 JST): Discussion, lead by Truls Norby

11:05-11:20 CET (18:05-18:20 JST): Break

11:20-12:20 CET (18:20-19:20 JST): Part 2: Materials study for high performance PCC, Koji Amezawa, Tohoku University (Chair)

11:20-11:50 CET (18:20-18:50 JST): "Electrodes for PCE cells",
Dr. Ragnar Strandbakke, UiO, Norway

11:50-12:10 CET (18:50-19:10 JST): "Determination and possible suppression of electronic leakage in proton conductor cells",
Prof. Hiroshige Matsumoto, Kyushu University, Japan

12:10-12:25 CET (19:10-19:25 JST): Discussion, lead by Koji Amezawa

12:25-12:30 CET (19:25-19:30 JST): Final remarks, by SINTEF

The workshop is supported by The Research Council of Norway through ENERGIX project # 284289

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