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Operation and Control of Offshore Combined Cycles

Gas turbines are the main source for generating electrical and mechanical power, as well as heat, in offshore oil and gas extraction installations. To increase the energy efficiency and reduce the CO2 emissions, a steam bottoming cycle can be added to produce power by recovering waste-heat from the upstream gas turbine.


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In this webinar we analyze the operation and control problem for combined cycles consisting of two gas turbines and one steam bottoming cycle subject to large and frequent changes in the power demand. The main controlled variables for the steam bottoming cycle are the superheated steam pressure and temperature. We compare the performance of different decentralized control strategies based on standard PID-controllers and nonlinear feedforward. We consider floating pressure and constant pressure operation strategies. For steam temperature control we implement feedback, and nonlinear model-based feedforward.

Further, we analyze the steady-state performance with respect to efficiency and CO2 emissions for two control strategies for coordinating the power setpoint of the two gas turbines.

Cristina Zotică, Researcher, SINTEF Energy Research

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