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Open Data Challenge

Welcome to Open Data Challenge 2022!


Trondheim: DIGS Krambugata 2, meeting room 502/503, and Oslo: Oslo Mesh Youngstorget. Digitally: The event will be streamed here:
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Open Data Challenge is an idea lab and hackathon for public actors, researchers and entrepreneurs. Partners have proposed main challenges that participants from different groups will work on during the event. The winners are chosen by a jury on the same day and will receive a monetary stipend and secured placement in the project’s next development phase, Open Data Lab.

In addition, there will be inspiring speeches on the possibilities for business development based on open data. The participants in the group can meet physically or digitally to work on the challenges during the event.

Open Data Challenge 2022 is organized by SamÅpne project, which is a collaboration between SINTEF, Trondheim municipality, Bodø municipality, follower cities and business actors.

Theme 2022: Use of energy data to understand or prepare new business models based on open data.

Challenge 1:

How can we get an overview of energy consumption? We want to use available data to gain insight into the energy consumption pattern. This can support the planning of measures to reduce energy consumption and peaks in energy consumption.

Challenge 2:

How can energy data be used to accelerate the green transition in cities? To achieve the climate goals and become a zero-emission society, we must produce more renewable energy and, at the same time, use it smarter and more efficiently. Development of technologies such as solar power, smart homes and batteries is going at a furious pace, but adoption is still too slow. How can we use the available data to help people make smart choices for the future and their wallets?

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome! Start-ups, students, public actors and business actors who want to work with this year's theme.

Project Partners

  • Trondheim Municipality
  • SINTEF Digital
  • Bodø Municipality.


  • Trønderenergi
  • Webstep
  • Cisco
  • Datafabrikken
  • 6am Accelerator
  • Folksnakk


  • Jaya Thomlison (moderator)
  • Borgar Ljosland, ProVenture
  • Livar Bergheim, Datafabrikken
  • Mats Jønland, Trønderenergi


The group that wins in the work with the best solution (according to criteria set by the jury), receives 10,000 NOK in prize and a place in the Open Data Lab accelerator arranged by 6am Accelerator (worth 50,000 NOK).


9.00 - 9.15 Registration at the meeting location

9.15 - 9.20 Introduction of the event by moderator

9.25-9.45 Talks by speakers

9.45-10.00 Break

10.05-10.25 Information on collaborators and presentation of the challenges

10.00-15.30 Group work including lunch

15.30 Presentation of the concepts, live pitch 5-6 min per group

16.30 Event end

You can also follow the event via video without being a participant. You don't need to register for this. Follow the event here.

You can find updated information and comments about the event here.


Open Data Challenge will take place on 10th of March 2022.

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