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LowEmission centre – where are we now and the way ahead

Kicking off the LowEmission Webinar series of fall 2022, Centre Director Stefania Gardarsdottir will give a status of the research activities in the centre, and an outlook on activities to come.


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LowEmission aims to develop technologies and solutions needed to reduce offshore greenhouse gas emissions on the NCS in line with the emission goals of the petroleum industry, with the target emission goals of reducing offshore emissions with 40% within 2030 and to move towards zero emissions in 2050. LowEmission will develop new technology and concepts for offshore energy systems and integration with renewable power production technologies. LowEmission is a platform for innovation, and strong interaction within the Centre will generate spin-off projects and technology transfer possibilities for the industry.

Stefania Gardarsdottir, Centre Director LowEmission, SINTEF Energy

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