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Life and work of Gustav Lorentzen – A giant within the refrigeration and heat pump field

This presentation is to honor Gustav Lorentzen's memory and to inform about the important contributions he made to Norway and the scientific world in large.


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Presenter will be Petter Nekså, Chief Scientist at SINTEF Energy Research.

The presentation will be based on a presentation made during the 15th IIR - Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants held in Trondheim in June 2021.

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How much is this of interest for HighEFF? We would argue, very much.

Traces of the fundamentals and knowledge he contributed with influence also today the activity in HighEFF related to industrial heat pumps, heat to power systems, refrigeration systems, as well as much of the activity related to components, such as heat exchangers and compressors.

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