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High Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2022

The 3rd High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium was held in Copenhagen on 29-30 March 2022.


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The event was partially financed by the Research Council of Norway and organized by the Danish Technological Institute, SINTEF and DTU - Mechanical Engineering. The symposium included presentations and posters from both the research community as well as industry and other stakeholders. It gathered a total of almost 300 participants. The Norwegian HighEFF partners' presentations included topics such as operational experience with high-temperature heat pump technology piloted on two Norwegian dairies, Tine Bergen and Tine Tunga, as well as new research on topics such as high temperature steam-generating heat pumps based on mechanical vapour recompression, and hybrid-ammonia-water heat pumps. As an example, Energy and CO₂-savings of 64% and 95% were presented by SINTEF researcher Christian Schlemminger for HighEFF spin-off project SkaleUP.

The urgency to decarbonise and electrify heat supply for the industry, as well as the necessity for increased energy efficiency through making use of excess heat means that research and development of high temperature heat pumps is more important than ever before. The event was an opportunity for all stakeholders to network and discuss the current challenges and opportunities, as summarised by the Symposium's book of presentations:

"We can observe that the huge potentials for high-temperature heat pumps are recognized by process industries as an integral part of their strategy to reduce CO₂ emissions and that more and more technology providers are developing heat pump technologies capable of temperatures well above 100°C. In turn, we can also observe challenges for both sides to work with an emerging technology. The application potential in industries is strongly dependent on their willingness to adapt to heat pump-based process heating, while such strategic decisions require a clear picture of the potential of the technology. In turn, technology providers need a clear market perspective to justify the development of high-temperature heat pump technologies. This context, especially when considering the urgency in the transition towards green process heating, makes it obvious that efficient communication between technology providers,process industries, consultants, energy-planners, policy makers, R&D institutions, and many more is key to enabling a successful exploitation of the great potential of high-temperature heat pumps."

High-temperature heat pumps are an important research focus of HighEFF's Research Area 3.

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