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Digital Inspiration Day - Design in Healthcare

Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design and Innovation (CCSDI) invites to a Digital Inspiration Day about Design in Healthcare. The event is relevant for anyone interested in healthcare and service design, innovation and systems oriented design.


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(CET +1)

13:00-13:10 Welcome to Digital Inspiration Day: Design in healthcare
Anita Das, SINTEF, and Marikken Høiseth, NTNU

13:10-14:10 Presentations from Ara Manawa, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand: Co-design in Aotearoa, an approach at Auckland City Hospital, Emma Wylie and Justin Kennedy-Good. Establishing a design team inside a hospital; opportunities, challenges, and what we’ve learnt, Sarvnaz Taherian and Justin Kennedy-Good

14:10-14:15 Break

14:15-15:00 Clarity from complexity: A systems approach to healthcare design, Rachel Marsden, Helix Centre, London, UK

15:00-15:10 Break

15:10 - 16:00 Systems Oriented Design: Designing Complexity, Birger Sevaldson, AHO, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. Can We Design Health Services as Systems Expressing Values of Care? Peter Jones, OCAD University Toronto

16:00 Wrap up and thank you


The speakers are:

From Ara Manawa, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand:

  • Justin Kennedy-Good (director of Ara Manawa)
  • Emma Wylie, consultant and co-design manager
  • Sarvnaz Taherian, service/experience designer

From the Helix Centre, London, UK:

  • Rachel Marsden, service and systems designer

From OCAD University Toronto, Canada:

  • Peter Jones, associate professor of systemic design

From AHO, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway:

  • Birger Sevaldson, professor, Institute of Design


For more information please go to CCSDI's blog


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