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CINELDI webinar: Planning methodology for active distribution grids

How do we plan for building the active distribution grids of tomorrow, enabling electrification and options introduced by new technologies, while accounting for a new level of variabilities and uncertainties? The primary objective of CINELDI's research on Smart grid development is to develop decision support methodologies and tools needed for the optimal planning of the future robust, flexible and intelligent distribution system.


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The timezone is Trondheim, Norway CEST (UTC+2)

In this webinar, Iver Bakken Sperstad will present a methodology for planning of active grids developed through the research in CINELDI.

Professor Fabrizio Pilo from the University of Cagliari will present their work within the field, including the international work through CIGRE.

Professor Olav Bjarte Fosso, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will lead the discussion after the introductions.

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