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CINELDI webinar: Development of a testbed for advanced distribution management systems (ADMS)

CINELDI develops and tests a set of new concepts and solutions that make optimal use of new emerging Control and monitoring technologies. These technologies can exploit extensive, real-time monitoring between all assets, grid customers and flexible resources


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Note that the timezone is UTC+1

As more distributed generation is integrated into the electricity grid, DSOs and TSOs must adapt new ICT solutions to coordinate the activation of resources like solar and wind power for active and reactive power. Some of the technology that is needed to do this has been developed, but further testing is necessary, and in this webinar we will present and discuss how CINELDI and NREL approaches this work .

In this webinar head of the work package "Smart grid operation", Merkebu Z. Degefa, will present "the CINELDI testbed for advanced distribution management (ADMS)".

Annabelle Pratt (US) from the National Renewable Energy laboratory (NREL) will present NREL’s ADMS test bed, and examples of how they work with DSOs, TSOs and industry.

Research Professor Kari Mäki, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, will lead the discussion after the introductions.

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