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CINELDI webinar: How can the distribution grid be adapted to facilitate a large-scale electrification of the society?

Electrification is one of the most important means to reduce the CO2 emissions and reach the climate goals. What will it take to adapt the electricity grid to meet the needs for large-scale electrification of the society?


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The research centre CINELDI, acting as a national hub for long-term research and innovation within the field of intelligent electricity distribution, bring together innovative stakeholders with the common task of developing and implementing new technologies, work processes and solutions. The vision is to develop the electricity grid of the future.  In this webinar, Centre Director Gerd Kjølle will present the work in CINELDI on creating a transition strategy for the future Norwegian electricity distribution grid.

Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou, Chairman of the Research Centre "Sustainable Energy" at University of Cyprus, will give a presentation on “Going electric means more active distribution that is ambitious, achievable and can be inclusive through the European Green Deal”. He will share his thoughts, from a European perspective, on the adaptation of the distribution grid in support of the energy transition, facilitating a large-scale electrification of the society.

Hallstein Hagen from NODESmarked will talk about how the flexibility marked can contribute to the electrification by making sure we get the most use of the grid already built.

Professor Magnus Korpås from NTNU and CINELDI will lead the discussion after the introductions. 

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