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An open source framework for Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) – collaboration of LowEmission and the DigiWell project

Optimizing production and water injection or studying the overall impact of LowEmission technologies on energy consumption and emissions requires considering the interdependencies of topside processing, reservoir behaviour and transporting system. Not doing so will result in unrealistic or biased results.


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Coupling of a reservoir simulator (MRST – MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox) and a multiphase transport model (FACE point model for multiphase flow) was done in the project KSP DigiWell. This model was further expanded in LowEmission coupling a simplified topside model which can be used for calculating energy consumption of the facility and control of production and injection rates.

The webinar will introduce and demonstrate the modelling framework. The current model capabilities and further plans will be presented. The main idea is to provide a license free, open source IPM framework which should make it easy for the user to implement required extensions and modifications.

Thiago Silva, PhD, SINTEF Industri
Paul Roger Leinan, PhD, SINTEF Industri

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