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1st International Workshop on Surface Protonics – SUPR01 – 2022

In the frame of the Research Council of Norway project SUPROX, SINTEF and University of Oslo invite students and researchers to the 1st International Workshop on Surface Protonics (SUPR01).


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Surface protonics is recognized as protonic transport in adsorption layers on a solid-gas surface at intermediate or low temperatures. The workshop will present and discuss state-of-the-art of this research field with presentations from research groups in Japan, Germany, US, and Norway. Attendance is free but registration is required.

Organiser: SINTEF and University of Oslo (UiO)

Organising chairs: Dr. Per Martin Rørvik (SINTEF), Prof. Truls Norby (UiO)

Local organising committee: Dr. Einar Vøllestad (SINTEF), MSc. Xinwei Sun (UiO)

Agenda and speakers

  • 13:00  Welcome, Dr. Per Martin Rørvik (SINTEF)
  • 13:10  Presentations
    • 13:10  Low temperature catalysis promoted by surface protonics, Prof. Yasushi Sekine (Waseda University, Japan)

    • 13:35  Surface protonics of faceted TiO2, Dr. Xiaolan Kang (University of Oslo, Norway)

    • 13:55  Geometrical aspects of surface protonics, Prof. Truls Norby (University of Oslo, Norway)

    • 14:20  On designing surface protonic transport for new electrochemical devices, Prof. Jennifer L. M. Rupp (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US and Technical University of Munich, Germany)

  • 14:45  Coffee break
  • 15:00  Presentations
    • 15:00  On adsorbates on oxygen electrodes, Prof. Kelsey A. Stoerzinger (Oregon State University, US)
    • 15:25  Surface protonics of CeO2, Xinwei Sun (University of Oslo)
    • 15:45  Surface protonic fuel cell, Dr. Vegar Øygarden (SINTEF)
  • 16:05  Panel of invited speakers. General discussion. Closing remarks, Prof. Truls Norby (University of Oslo)
  • 16:45  End of webinar

The workshop is supported by The Research Council of Norway through ENERGIX project #280868 Surface protonics for oxide-based electrochemical energy devices (SUPROX).

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