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Webinar: Low pressure CO2 liquefaction - Experimental results

Low pressure liquefaction of CO2 intended for ship transport in a CCS chain have been studied experimentally in NCCS CO2 capture and transport-conditioning through liquefaction (Task 4).


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Presenter: Ingrid Snustad, SINTEF

This webinar will give a short introduction to the experimental setup and present the results of six experiments conducted the past two years.

The experiments include CO2 liquefaction with dry ice formation and clogging of lines, as well as steady-state low pressure liquefaction experiments using pure CO2 and CO2/N2 mixtures.

These experiments demonstrate that pure CO2 can be safely liquefied at a pressure of 5.8 bar(a) and a CO2/N2 mixture can be liquefied at 6.5 bar(a) without issues related to dry ice formation.

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