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Webinar An update from the EM4CO2 project on the use on EM technology for CO2 monitoring

Resistivity is known to be sensitive to fluid (i.e. CO2) saturation changes in a formation, and can be mapped directly by inverting electromagnetic data.


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Presenters: Joonsang Park and Anouar Romdhane

Therefore, the so-called controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) technique can be considered as a promising geophysical monitoring tool. In this talk, we present a synthetic-model-based study to explore and evaluate the full capability of CSEM for CO2 storage monitoring in the North Sea setting. For this purpose, we categorize the North Sea storage candidates according to the reservoir depth and look at the CSEM data sensitivity for each depth candidate. To generalize the study, we consider multi-component transmitters and receivers. The study is done as part of the EM4CO2 project supported by the Research Council of Norway (CLIMIT-KPN) and NCCS.

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