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Reducing emissions by reducing water production

Water production requires large amounts of energy as water needs to be lifted from the reservoir to the surface.


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Presenter: Per Bergmo, SINTEF

This is an increasing problem in maturing fields. Reducing water production has potential to reduce the energy demands in the drainage process and could potentially also increase the oil production as water flowing into a well can block oil flow into the well.

This webinar will present work performed so far in SP7 on reducing water production to reduce the energy consumption in the drainage process. The approach taken is to model the behaviour of wells equipped with inflow devices capable of discriminating between the phases flowing into the well. Focus has been on one emerging technology, the density activated recovery (DAR) technology, developed by Innowell Solution. Effect of reduced water production on need for lift, oil production and energy used for water injection will be presented for a synthetic model and for the Norne E-segment model.

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