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Offshore heat-to-power cycles - How we are solving design and operational challenges?

Gas turbine exhaust gas is the main source of CO₂ emissions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


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Presenters: Adriana Reyes-Lúa, Han Deng, Rubén M. Montañés and Cristina Zotica, SINTEF

Bottoming cycles utilize the heat in the gas turbine exhaust gas to produce additional power, significantly reducing fuel (natural gas) consumption and CO₂ emissions. Evidently, weight and size constraints must be considered when designing the components, such as the heat recovery heat exchanger which extracts heat from the exhaust gas.

To be an attractive alternative for offshore installations, this concept must also be able to assure sufficient and stable power production in an integrated offshore energy system. In this webinar, we will present the approach that we are using in the LowEmission Centre to design compact bottoming cycles and develop operational strategies for such cycles.

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