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NORUSCASA seminars: "Functional Metagenomics for discovery of bioactive compounds"

In the frame of Research Council of Norway project NORUSCASA, SINTEF and NTNU cordially invite interested students and researchers to the second seminar occasion in the NORUSCASA seminar series.


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We are looking forward to welcoming you to 3 exciting lectures and vivid discussions!

Agenda and speakers

  • 17:00h Disease control using microbial cultures and metagenomes
    CET - Prof Mark R. Liles, Auburn University, USA
  • 17:40h Mining shotgun metagenomes for novel PHA depolymerases
    CET – Ass. Prof. Laura Hug, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • 18:20h Functional metagenomics-enabled bacterial genome engineering for production of bioplastics from food wastes
    CET – Prof. Trevor Charles, University of Waterloo, Canada

Se more info about the program for the NORUSCASA seminar, Functional Metagenomics for discovery of bioactive compounds

Link to download the recording of the webinar on 2021-12-13 which will be expired on 2022-12-21 

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