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Innovation challenge: Energy from Waves and tides

Totalenergies will outline synergies existing between renewable ocean energies and oil and gas infrastructures toward decarbonization of exploration and production activities.


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Presenter: Arnaud Coutrey and Corentin de Leffe, TotalEnergies

Oceans are providing many renewable energies that can be converted to power each type of Totalenergies platforms. The source of energy must be chosen properly depending on the location of the asset: waves, currents, temperature, or salinity gradient.

Following offshore wind development and latest industrial progress, ocean energy conversion is younger and still trying to pass their own technological roadblocks toward reliability and rentability. Energy is available, partnerships between Ocean energy actors and O&G majors are emerging. Working together, it will bring solutions to many O&G problematics in order to go beyond the limits of deepwater fields and reduce GHG emissions.

The development and integration of ocean energy conversion to give a new purpose to end-of-life platforms, reduce emissions from producing assets and ensure renewable electrification for new projects is the Innovation Challenge for the coming decades.

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