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Hydrogen Fuel Cells – more than just H2 + ½ O2 → H2O

Hydrogen is one of the hottest buzzwords in the energy news of today.


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Presenter: Øyvind Lindgård, SINTEF

The goal of LowEmission SP4 is to investigate the use of fuel cells on offshore installations, with low-temperature PEM fuel cells being one of two technologies in focus. PEM fuel cells operate based on the chemical reaction H2 + ½O2 à H2O, which many people are familiar with. However, the knowledge needed to build and operate a well-functioning fuel cell system extends far beyond just this simple chemical reaction.

This webinar will go in-depth into some of the fascinating aspects of PEM fuel cells and provide the viewer with insight into how a fuel cell system works - spanning from electrochemistry and materials science at the nano scale, through components in individual cells, and ending at system-level considerations needed to realize kW and MW installations.