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How to enhance production operators' skills by emerging digital technologies?

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SINTEF invites you to a webinar on Technology Enhanced Operators. Operators are the most important link in ensuring high quality, efficient production and customization in production. During the webinar, we have with us two researchers from SINTEF who will talk about what the technology enhanced operator entails and how you could use technology to improve the work your operators perform, with the help of new technology. The digitalization of the human operator is not solely a technology challenge, but a change management process that requires the involvement of the operator in customizing the solution. We will present some examples from our experience in helping manufacturing companies digitally enhancing the operator on the shopfloor, namely HUMAN where we focused on physical augmentation (project result: MATE) and cognitive augmentation (project result: KIT-AR).

Come and be part of our new community and be on the forefront of digitally enhancing the operator.

Sign up for the webinar here. You will recieve a link to the webinar before it starts.

Read more about technology enhanced operators on the #SINTEFblog, and join our group on LinkedIn.



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