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Zero emissions with Hydrogen NOW!

Zero emissions with Hydrogen NOW!

Reaching net zero emissions in Europe: Fast-tracking pathways to the hydrogen economy.

On behalf of SINTEF and the European research project ELEGANCY, Chris Davies MEP hosted a luncheon discussion on Wednesday 29 January in the European Parliament. 

To reach the net zero emission goal, Europe needs to introduce hydrogen (H2) as a low-carbon fuel for heating, cooling, transport and industrial processes. 

Reforming natural gas for H2 production requires eliminating CO2 emissions, providing economic drivers needed to fast-track commercial CCS deployment. 

This event presented key findings and recommendations on technology, markets, necessary policies and regulatory requirements.

Programme with slides
Welcome by Chris Davies MEP
Clean hydrogen: Unleashing production and infrastructure for a net zero emission Europe
by Dr. Nils A. Røkke, Executive Vice President Sustainability, SINTEF
Transformation of German gas infrastructure to decarbonise energy systems using hydrogen as a clean energy carrier
by Dr. Ing. Baktash Nasiri, Project Manager Hydrogen Business Development, Uniper Energy Storage GmbH
Hydrogen in support of energy policy and sector integration
By Dr. Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Adviser, DG Energy of the European Commission
Fast-tracking pathways for clean hydrogen – Legal and policy frameworks for redesigning gas markets
By Dr. Catherine Banet, Associate Professor, University of Oslo, Project Management Team, Elegancy

Video stream of the event


European Parliament, room: ASP 5G1
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29/01/2020 14:30
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