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NCCS Webinar - Incentivising low carbon products through public procurement. CCS under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Climate criteria in public procurement - tools for incentivising low carbon products.


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CCS under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: legal treatment of CO2 transport options.

Presenters: Johannes Dalen Giske and Heidi Sydnes Egeland
both: Research Assistant, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, Norway

During this webinar, two questions related to CCS legislation will be addressed, based on current legal research undertaken in Task 1 of NCCS at the University of Oslo: public procurement rules for low carbon products and CCS projects coverage under the EU ETS.

The first presentation takes as starting point that higher demand for low carbon products can help to offset the increased costs of reducing the carbon footprint of industrial production. With an annual spending of over NOK 500 billion in Norway alone, public procurement could be an effective tool in this regard. But stricter climate criteria can also create obstacles to intra-European competition, and thus impede the main purpose of EU procurement law.  Main questions are what is the scope of a contracting authority’s discretion in this area? And how can climate criteria be formulated in the least competition-restricting fashion?  

The second presentation will discuss whether and to what degree the European Union emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) is compatible with a CCS process that employs different modalities of CO2-transport. Indeed, the EU ETS legal framework focuses solely on pipeline transport, and the question is to know what this implies for CCS projects that plan to employ mobile transport modalities like shipping and road transport. This is relevant for all the currently planned CCS cluster projects in Europe.


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