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NCCS Webinar - Development of simulation tools for near-well injectivity (Task 10)

Salt precipitation has been identified as one of the main causes of injectivity loss in CO2 storage installations. In this webinar, we will present simulation tools for near-well injectivity which have been in part developed in the POREPAC project.


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Elyes Ahmed and Xavier Raynaud, Research Scientist at SINTEF Digital. 

The tools are parts of the open source Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST).

We will include a brief presentation of MRST's capabilities. Then, we will show near-well simulations in a standard setup and results which couple geochemistry with transport process. The geochemistry module which offers a simple interface for water-based chemistry will be used.

More advanced multiphase systems require a fully compositional approach. The PCSAFT framework provides equations of state for a wide range of systems. We will report on the advancements in the implementation of this module.

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