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NCCS Webinar - Design of a CO2 metering test loop (Task 8)



Presenter: Francesco Finotti, Research Manager, SINTEF Energy Research

Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) is an effective technology to reduce anthropogenic global warming, however, the technology is challenged due to the lack of adequate business models. High-accuracy metering technology is a prerequisite in enabling CCS value chains. The webinar describes key design steps for a CO2 fiscal metering test facility, touching on the challenges specifically related to CO2.

Webinar outline:

  • Flow metering loop design specifications
  • Challenges related to CO2 flow metering
  • Main components of the flow loop
  • Design implementation plan
  • Q&A


About the NCCS Webinars:


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  • The webinar will be open 5 minutes prior to start.
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  • The webinar is open to NCCS partners, only.


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