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NCCS Webinar - CO2 mobility control – Modelling of CO2 foam core flooding experiments" (Task 11)


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Presenter: Alv-Arne Grimstad, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Industry

The mobility contrast between injected CO2 and the resident brine in a storage formation is typically high. This is unfavourable for efficient and stable displacement of brine during the CO2 storage operation. Efficient mobility control for the injected CO2 will improve sweep and reduce risk of early break-through of CO2 in pressure management wells, leading to higher effective storage capacity.

In this webinar we present results from simulation of core-flooding experiments with several commercially available surfactants that generate CO2-brine foam and therefore could be candidates for implementation of CO2 mobility control in storage operations. The simulations show how high/low partition coefficient, high/low mobility reduction factor and high/low adsorption interact to give markedly different behaviour for the time-development of the surfactant concentration in the core and for the resulting effect on the gas mobility.


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