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NCCS Webinar: CO2 liquefaction close to the triple point pressure – experimental results (Task 4)

NCCS Webinar: CO2 liquefaction close to the triple point pressure – experimental results (Task 4)

Presenter: Stian Trædal, SINTEF Energy Research

This webinar will present results from the ongoing low-pressure liquefaction and freeze-out experiments. Further planned experiments with additional relevant impurities such as CH4, CO (and O2) will also be discussed.

The background for these experiments is that liquid CO2 is currently produced and shipped at 15 bar(g) pressure, while transport at lower pressure could enable better cost efficiency of onshore and seaborne storage tanks. Moreover, due to higher liquid and lower vapour density, as well as larger tanks and better stacking possibilities the effective utilisation of the cargo space is improved. There is however a general worry about low-pressure CO2 since there is a lower margin to the triple point, and therefore increased risk of dry ice formation in the case of depressurization. By conducting these experiments, we want to gain operational insights and challenge the pressure and temperature margins with respect to the CO2 triple point.

This is done by running systematic experiments where we gradually lower the pressure of produced liquid CO2 and eventually approach the triple point. The scale of experiments is around 5-ton CO2 per day.


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