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NCCS Webinar - CCS potential of the Triassic alluvial succession in the eastern Horda Platform (Task 9)


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Presenter: Camilla Louise Würtzen, PhD Candidate, Univ. of Oslo

The Triassic continental succession located in the eastern side of the Horda Platform (northern North Sea) represents a potential supplementary CO2 storage formation to the principal Jurassic sandstones above.

Despite extensive petroleum exploration within the Horda Platform, the entire Triassic interval remains largely untested and its storage potential poorly understood.

A seismic stratigraphic model is built using available 2D and 3D seismic and integrated well log data to discern the Triassic basin fill history and structural development of the area. The stratigraphic succession is subdivided into seismic facies, where reflection patterns infer depositional characteristics. A shift in log facies trend between mud- and sand-rich intervals indicates a variance in subsidence rate and sedimentation supply related to tectonic displacement rate and climate.

Visual analyses of the seismic data along key horizons also reveal depositional features such as channels, hanging wall fans, and footwall fans. The location and distribution of the channels are mapped in order to assess the connectivity of possible storage bodies.


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