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LowEmission webinar - High Pressure Testing of Decomposed Ammonia Mixtures in an Industrial Gas Turbine Burner

The webinar will present an experimental study performed on a downscaled version of the Siemens SGT750 gas turbine burner installed in SINTEF’s high pressure combustion facility HIPROX.


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Presenter: Senior Research Scientist Mario Ditaranto

If you want to attend the webinar - contact Ragnhild Skorpa.

Ammonia is a potential carbon-free step-in fuel to replace direct combustion of natural gas. Results obtained by firing the burner with various mixtures of hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia corresponding to various degree of ammonia decomposition, will be presented.

The experimental campaign focused on the effect of the pressure level on flame stability and emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases (NOx, unburnt NH3 and N2O).

We will show the existence of a favourable chemical pathway that reduces the amount of NOx produced in the combustion process as a function of the increasing pressure level (within the range explored). In fact, the pressure scaling observed in the experiments is more favourable than the one predicted by numerical models and represents a very positive finding since industrial gas turbines for power generation applications are typically operated between 15 and 25 bar.

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