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HighEFF Workshop on Thermal Energy Storage

This workshop will gather the industry and research partners within HighEFF with special interest towards thermal energy storage (TES).


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The workshop is divided in two, with the first part of the day dedicated towards cold-medium temperature TES. This part is carried out in collaboration with the newly started KSP project PCM-STORE.

The second part of the day is dedicated to high-temperature TES, in particular towards applications for TES in industrial steam production systems.


Part 1: Low- and Medium-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (LT/MT-TES)​



  • Introduction: What can cold thermal energy storage do for you? ​
  • KPN PCM-STORE – PCM-based low-temperature ​energy storage for a more sustainable food industry  ​
    Alexis Sevault (SINTEF Energy Research)​


  • The role of cold TES in a more sustainable food industry – based on the case of a new poultry plant at Orkanger​
    Arne Fredrik Lånke (Stormvind – Norsk Kylling)​


  • Experimental results with PCM-based LT-TES using a horizontal pillow plate HX​
    Håkon Selvnes (NTNU EPT)​


  • Integration of distributed LT-TES in refrigerated display cabinet​
    Michael Jokiel (SINTEF Energy Research)​

10:25​ Break​



  • Integration of a 200-kWh PCM-based heat storage at the ZEB Lab
    Alexis Sevault (SINTEF Energy Research)​


  • New TINE factory in Bergen: integration of six thermal energy storage tanks with a high-temperature hydrid heat pump
    Bjarne Horntvedt (Hybrid Energy)​


  • Discussion: What would it take to implement LT-TES? Challenges and KPIs
    (E.g., sustainability criteria, space available, payback time, security, durability)​

​12:00​ Lunch​


​Part 2: High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (HT-TES)​



  • Introduction: Why do we need to develop solutions for high-temperature thermal energy storage?​
    Hanne Kauko (SINTEF Energy Research)​


  • Heat recovery with thermal energy storage in casting processes​
    Trond Andresen (SINTEF Energy Research)​


  • Optimal operation of thermal energy storage systems under uncertainty
    David Pérez Piñeiro (NTNU)​


  • Opportunities for Energy Storage Integration in the Aluminum Industry​
    Andre Vidal (Hydro)​

14:15​ Break​



  • Choosing the correct TES technology for steam supply systems​
    Anton Beck (AIT)​


  • Use of Parat high voltage electrode boilers in power to heat thermal storages​
    Martin Løvland (Parat Halvorsen)​


  • Molten salt thermal energy storage ​
    Christian Blom (Kyoto Group)​


  • Decarbonization of industrial process steam systems with thermal batteries​
    Christopher Greiner (EnergyNest)​

15:30​ Discussion​



  • Concluding remarks​
    Hanne Kauko (SINTEF Energy Research)​



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