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ReValue Open Day

In connection with the ReValue project, SINTEF Ocean invites you to a seminar focusing on improved resource utilization in food value chains. The aim of this seminar is to present the findings from ReValue project and discuss solutions for improved resource utilization in food value chains considering biological resources, energy and water.


SpareBank 1 SMN Kvartalet
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ReValue is an Inno-Indigo EraNet project coordinated by SINTEF Ocean and jointly funded by Research Council of Norway, Department of Biotechnology, India and Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, Spain. It focuses on optimizing the surimi value chain through a series of innovations in energy efficient refrigeration, cold chain management and efficient conversion of rest raw materials and wash water into value added protein and oil ingredients for food and feed applications. 

The project also focuses on establishing a sustainable partnership between ReValue partners and other relevant stakeholders from Europe and India working in the field of Bioeconemy. 

Register for the event here and read more about the project here


Agenda for the day


Søndre gate 4, Trondheim