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PhD/Post.Doc seminar HighEFF

PhD/Post.Doc seminar HighEFF

The seminar will take place at NTNU - EPT, Room C201

Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1D
25/02/2019 09:00 Add to calendar
25/02/2019 16:00
Research Scientist
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09:00 Truls Gundersen: "Welcome"
09:10 Petter Røkke (Centre Director): "Impact of R&D in industrial energy efficiency"
09:30 Håkon Selvnes (PhD/WP 3.3): "CFD analysis of a novel cold thermal energy storage unit using CO2 as refrigerant"
09:40 Zhongxuan Liu (PhD/WP 1.2): "Liquefied Air Energy Storage (LAES)"
09:55 Marcin Pilarczyk (PD/WP 3.1): "Monitoring working conditions of components in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)"
10:05 Daniel Rohde (Assoc. PhD/RA 3): "Dynamic optimization of thermal systems"
10:15 Summary Session with remaining Questions and Comments
10:20 Coffee Break
10:35 Haoshui Yu (PD/WP 1.1): "Thermodynamic paths in Work and Heat Exchange Networks"
10:55 Julia Jimenez Romero (PhD/WP 1.2): "Hybrid methodology for cogeneration targeting with optimum steam levels"
11:15 Juejing Sheng (PhD/WP 1.3): "Advanced exergy analysis of the oil and gas processing plants on a North Sea platform"
11:35 Roberto Agromayor (Assoc. PhD/RA 3): "Parametric representation and matching of turbomachinery blades"
11:55 Summary Session with remaining Questions and Comments
12:00 Lunch (Restaurant in Kjelhuset)
13:00 Ingrid C. Claussen & Armin Hafner: "HighEFF Lab and RA 2 – Components" as a Guided Tour in the Lab
13:30 Cristina Zotica (PhD/WP1.2): "A plantwide control perspective on heat-to-power cycles"
13:50 Mandar Thombre (PhD/WP 4.3): "Leveraging data in robust Model Predictive Control"
14:00 Adriana Reyes Lua (Assoc. PhD/RA 1): "Systematic design of split range controllers"
14:10 Summary Session with remaining Questions and Comments
14:15 Coffee Break
14:30 Ehsan Allymehr (PhD/WP 2.3): "Hydrocarbon and refrigerant charge in heat pumps"
14:40 Silje Marie Smitt (Assoc. PhD/WP 3.3): "Numerical simulation of CO2 systems"
15:00 Mina Shahrooz (PhD/WP 3.1): "Minimizing superheat degree in Organic Rankine Cycles"
15:20 Ángel Álvarez Pardiñas (PD/WP 3.1): "TRI-HP – Natural and renewable heat pumps in trigeneration systems"
15:40 Marcel Ulrich Ahrens (PhD/WP 3.2): "Development of a hybrid ammonia-water heat pump"
15:50 Summary Session with remaining Questions and Comments
15:55 Truls Gundersen: "Closing Remarks"
16:00 End of Seminar

19:30 Dinner at Frati (Italian Restaurant), Kongens 20