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Open HighEFF Workshop - WP 4

HighEFF Workshop RA 4 Applications, WP 4.1: Reaction modelling in a furnace


SINTEF Industry
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Energy-efficient processes and an improved heat recovery are vital to fulfil the objectives of FME HighEFF. The Norwegian Energy intensive industry represented by metallurgical industries and particular manganese and silicon alloys production are one of the largest consumers of both electrical energy and reduction media such as carbon and thus a comprehensive potential to improve the environmental balance.

Process improvements which are closely related to the primary process are necessary in addition to more efficient auxiliary systems around the core. Bringing together researchers and auctioneers both from industry and academia is needed to provide innovation.

Within RA4 we hereby invite to a workshop covering the following topics:

09:00  Introduction and purpose – Bernd Wittgens, SINTEF
09:20  Literature Metallurgy – Kai Tang, SINTEF
09:50  Literature review "Three phase reactions" in chemical engineering 
            – John Morud, SINTEF
10:20  Coffee break
10:30  Lab scale experiments – Trisen Asklund Larsen, NTNU
11:00  Modelling from an industrial perspective – Edin Myrhaug, Elkem
11:30  Introduction to group work – Bernd Wittgens, SINTEF
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Group work
14:30  Presentation group work an discussion
15:30  Summary – Stein Tore Johansen, SINTEF

Target audience are personnel heavily involved in work to more efficient FerroAlloy processes

  • Engineers and researchers from industries
  • Researchers from academia

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Strindveien 4, Meeting room A and B