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NCCS Webinar - H2 production by Protonic Membrane Reformer technology: Recent results and AWP2020

The webinar will present recent results from PMR testing and electrical characterization of PMR membranes, as well as updates on modelling activities and plans for 2020.


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Presenter: Jonathan Polfus, SINTEF Industry

Single-cell PMR reactor tests performed at lower temperatures (600-800 °C) in H2/H2O atmospheres. New components and calibration have resulted in good quality electrical data.  

PMR test at lower temperatures in CH4/H2/H2O to be started in late September/October to assess catalytic and electrical performance compared to reference case at 800 °C. 

Long-term stability test of pellet sample in CO2 started before summer. Second sample with optimized electrode/geometry installed in September with aim of 5000 hours at 800 °C with periodic electrical measurement. 

Membrane model: code ported from Matlab to C with significant improvement in speed, so it is ready to implement in the module simulations. 

Module simulations: work on initial simulations and integration with membrane model has started. 

The webinar is open to NCCS partners, only.

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