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NCCS Webinar - Evaluation of MEA data from different lab set-ups

The webinar will present results from this year investigating 2-ethanolamine (MEA) data from different lab set-ups


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Presenters: Andreas Grimstvedt, SINTEF Industry & Solrun Johanne Vevelstad, SINTEF Industry

2-ethanolamine (MEA) are the most studied amine when it comes to identification of degradation compounds and pathways for their formation. A lot of degradation data is therefore available from different batch experiments in the laboratory, solvent degradation rigs and pilots (Tiller, TCM, Esbjerg).

This presentation will both focus on the limitation regarding the available data and finding new methods to evaluate these data, in particular the results from Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The initial results from the PCA shows that there is a link between the different set-ups that could be helpful when planning new experiments. 

The webinar is open to NCCS partners, only

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