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NCCS Webinar - Addressing across-fault and top seal potential for CCS in Viking Group sandstones of the Horda Platform


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PresenterJohnathon Osmond, University of Oslo

The webinar will present results and ongoing work addressing seal potential of faults and stratigraphic intervals vital to successful CO2 storage within the Alpha closure at Smeaheia.

Thorough characterization and evaluation of potential seals is essential for derisking any geologic CO2 storage prospects. The Alpha prospect located in the northern North Sea represents a potential supplement to the Aurora site ~35 km to the southwest, but multiple stratigraphic units are required to seal Viking Group sandstones vertically and laterally where the Vette fault zone bounds the trap.

Detailed seismic interpretation, well log analysis, and 3D modeling of key faults and stratigraphic intervals provide the framework for addressing potential leakage risks.

Furthermore, the Troll East gas field serves as a useful analog for the Alpha prospect given that they compare well geologically and that Troll East seals are proven to retain a gas column >200 m.

A key concern is the distribution and variability of lithologies and associated petrophysical properties throughout the study area as these factors will affect local seal quality at Smeaheia.

The webinar is open to NCCS partners, only.

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